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All Comments

Do women find men with thick thighs and slightly bigger butts then the average guy attractive?
I am 5'11, 155 lbs with skinny arms, thin upper half (scrawny). But I have a thick butt with thick thighs.
It looks rather feminine when i look in the mirror.
On average do women like guys with thick butt and thighs on a guy? Be honest.
Hmmm, I Think A More Evenly Proportioned Guy Is More Attractive Then Say A Guy Who Is Small On Top But Big On Bottom, Maybe Try Lifting Weights And Get Some Nice Big Buff Arms! I Love A Guy With Buff Arms Its Super Attractive. (:
Thick butts shaped like apples - what's your type of butt?
I like big thick butts shaped like apples and squeezed into dark denim jeans. I don't like bags of apples
why does this make me laugh?
Why do some guys like big butts and thick thighs?
My boyfriend likes this thing he calls "Onion Booty" - google it. I personally, hate hate haaate my butt but he just loves it! It's kinda embarrassing when he just flips me over and just stares and squeezes it, I just don't understand why he likes it so much. Who likes that too? And why are you so fascinated with butt butts and thick thighs?
Girl just love it. Curves are in, be happy he's fascinated with your butt instead of the next girl's. Bubble butts, Big and rounds are beautiful. Basically guys like something to smack and hold on to every guy, even if he doesn't wan to admit it wants a taste of a big boonkey.
What are good jeans for people with tiny butts but thick legs?
I am a size 4 in jeans and i am 5 foot 7 and a half . My jeans tend to get baggy on my butt. Any good jeans you might know of that are meant for tiny butts such as levis exc.
I guess baggy type jeans would be great ....
Do men like big butts and thick legs?
I am more toward women what big butts, thick legs and thick thighs. Even if the legs have a bit of cellulite on them I am still attracted. Do men have the same prospect as I do about women.
yes very much. but if she doesn't have a good brain and sense of humor, she is a turn off
Why do figure skaters have thick, round butts?
The female figure skaters have these big, bubbly butts and I'm always curious why they're so hot. I just want to slap them lol.

No offence, they're really hot!
Maybe because figure skating uses butt muscles a lot...?

Well, what a dumb, perverted question...
If you are a guy who likes big butts and thighs (thick women) would you ever be attracted to a thin girl?
Would you rule out a pretty skinny girl cuz she doesn't have a huge butt/thighs and that is your general type? Have u ever been attracted to something that isn't your "type"??
I'm a guy. Not just a guy, but a butt guy. I think I like girls butts more than anybody else. But I have been attracted to other types, because there is more to a girl than just her butt. To be honest though, in the end I want my girlfriend/wife to have a big butt.
Why don't Asian girls ever have thick thighs or round, shapely butts?
Latinas, White girls, Black girls and everyone else seems to have some kind of shape to them except Asians.. What went wrong with them?
Their diets. The food they eat, I mean.
You think Asian girls look skinny with no meat, because you are comparing them to other fatasses.
Black Women: How do you have these really thick legs, and super round butts with an itty bitty waist?
Is that genetic?

I was thumbing through one of those Smooth magazines and I couldn't believe the measurements. They were like 36-22-40 or 35-24-46. I'm like WTF! It looks hot but I was just wondering if it was some specific workout regimen or genetics.
I'm a white guy, 27, and all I have to say is that sometimes I really have to stop and drool at some black women's figures. their curves really blow my mind sometimes, and you know what else, I love how proud and confident they are too.
Back to the question, they get their bodies the same place every other female-from their parents. Helllllooooooo.

Gotta love those black chicks. all women really, but black girls are my favorite.

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