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All Comments

Is it really better for men to set down to pee?
I have heard that it is better for men to set down to pee, like men pee more setting down or something, it that true?
Some men, like myself, lift up the toilet seat and put it back down because there are women in the house. Lift it up so you won't urinate all over the seat, put it down so women in the house don't have to touch it. More of a polite gesture.NO

Sitting down for me would be very inconvenient. Unbuckling and all......
When men pee. There is always urine left on the penis right?
After men pee and shake it off... There still is gonna be some urine clinging to the pee hole right? I mean you can't shake it all off can you? So why not wipe!
Wipe if you feel like it *****.
Ladies is it true that men do pee on the toilet seat?
The last question I ask 3 people said that men pee all over the rim and the seat . Is this true?
yes unfortunately. and all over the bottom of the toilet as well.

they aren't so great at aiming that thing.
Why do men pee on the floor at a urinal?
Walk in to any public restroom to use the urinal and there is a puddle of pee on the floor. Can't men get it in? The only thing worse than this is guys who go into the stalls, pee all over the toilet seat!
I don't like standing to close to the thing. Its disgusting.
How do men pee while driving?
How do men pee while driving or riding in a car ?
My 1/2 brother "D" is often on road due to his work. He often gets the urge to urinate while stuck in traffic and such circumstances which don't allow the possibility to leave your car for releiving yourself.

His technique is he keeps an empty 2 liter plastiv bottle (like a soft drink bottle) on which he attached a tube and a funnel. Use your mind to visualise the rest, and I think this answers your question!

Can men pee and poop at the same time?
Can men pee and poop at the same time? I know women can but do guys need to stick their penis inside the toilet while seated, to poop and pee at the same time?
Can men pee when they have an ERECT Penis?
I heard that men are unable to pee when they are masturbating is that true?

And can sex be painful for a man when he is inside a female? Or is it just use female that take the bulk of the pain?
men can pee when they are erect, they just kinda have to bend over to do it because it does not lay down like it normally does. (seen it happen. lol) and sex shouldnt be painful unless they have an std, otherwise, they get off scotch free. I have heard some guys say it is painful their first time though because they do not have the angle right, or the girl is too tight.
Do some men pee by sitting on the toilet seat instead of standing?
when men pee, do some men tend to sit on the seat and pee instead of standing? at home or public toilets
I personally pee standing up while in public, but while at home and at my friend's house, I sit, simply as a matter of cleanliness. As all guys know, peeing while standing tends to cause spatter, and spatter is not something that I myself would like to clean up nor would anyone else for that matter. It makes it easier when cleaning bathrooms if there's no spatter, it's as simple as that.
If Men Pee Standing Up, Why are Women Supposed to Like them Anyway?
And Why did God make it that Men Could Pee Standing Up, Why is there Different ways of Peeing between the Gender?
Because men have a penis and women do not. I don't envy them at all. I mean, if I COULD, do that, then that means I have a penis as well. That happening would be a bit of a nightmare.
Ladies do you think us men pee on the toilet seat?
this is in response to my last question on How ladies have such easy lives and how they get to stay at home all day. Alot of ladies said that they have to clean the toilet seat everyday because us men pee on it. Is that true?

lol, my brothers will NEVER do it again after all those times me and my sister screamed at them lol.

Why can't they just aim straight...? it can't be that hard...

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